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The A. Austin Amerine Retreat Center

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  • -- The mission of this GLBT Retreat Center is to create a peaceful, nurturing environment conducive to the spiritual and personal development of people and organizations from all spiritual and cultural heritages. Current status: more than 1000 acres acquired near Lower Lake and we're now selling parcels for capital acquisition and land development. All lots adjacent to BLM land. Are you looking to buy gay-friendly land in Lake County? Since the summer of 2006, the webmaster of has been a member of their Board and this website is now an official funder for Sacred Site Development at AAARC by donating the Google AdSense revenue from all of Don's 1000+ webpages. Visit AAARC's News Room for the very latest!
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    Holiday Mistletoe now for sale | Tipi de Jesus now under construction
    Goddess Pond and Buddhist Peace Pagoda coming soon!

    Christmas Mistletoe harvested at AAARC

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  • Open Doors: Local churches reach out to gay Christians is an interesting article from the Sonoma County Independent in 1996 praising the inclusivity of the local Unitarian Universalists and the First Congregational Church of SR, as well as quoting the homophobic remarks from a certain Cloverdale church.
  • Episcopalian

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  • GLBT Ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of California -- The Oasis Congregation program helps LGBT folks find churches that welcome LGBT people and families. Equally important, the Oasis Congregations program keeps congregations informed and involved.
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  • St. Andrews-in-the-Redwoods Episcopal Church -- serving the Russian River Community at 20329 Hwy 116 in Monte Rio 95462.
  • Unitarian

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  • The Unitarian Universalist Congregation Santa Rosa -- at 547 Mendocino Ave in Santa Rosa has been actively welcoming the gay community into their congregation since the early 90s and have long been "at the forefront of recognizing sexual variation as like any other variation in the human population. That's what nature does, just throws out a whole plethora of variations." [ Source ]
  • UCC

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  • First Congregational United Church of Christ -- at 2000 Humboldt St in Santa Rosa actively welcomes people of all sexual orientations in the mid 90s, a stance that they call an "open and affirming church." [ Source ]
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  • United Church of Christ Petaluma -- is an "Open & Affirming" congregation at 825 Middlefield Rd in Petaluma. Tel: 707-763-2454.
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  • Community Church of Mill Valley -- -- United Church of Christ An Open & Affirming Congregation at 8 Olive St at Throckmorton in Mill Valley 94941. Tel: 415-388-5540.
  • Lutheran

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  • Napa Valley Lutheran Church -- is "a welcoming community, sharing God's unconditional love" at 1796 Elm St in Napa 94559. Tel: 707-226-8166.
  • Presbyterian

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  • Covenant Presbyterian Church -- is "a fully welcoming church" at 1226 Salvador Ave in Napa 94558. Tel: 707-255-9426.
  • Local MCC

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  • Metropolitan Community Church of the Redwood Empire -- at 16219 First St in Guerneville. Founded in 1982, the original members met on the dance floor of the Woods Resort. It is thought there may well be a connection between this place of origin and the joyful spirit that still finds expression in the church each week.
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  • New Hope Metropolitan Community Church -- meets at 855 7th St in Santa Rosa. Tel: 707-526-4673
  • Alternative Spiritualies

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  • Center for Spiritual Living -- a Science of Mind community at 2075 Occidental Rd in Santa Rosa, formerly the Santa Rosa Church of Religious Science, has long been a bastion of Lesbian Wiccans and GLBTS members of many faiths. You can listen to their beloved gay senior minister, Dr. Edward on KSRO Radio, 1350am on Sunday mornings at 8:30AM.
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  • Gays, Lesbians and Transgenderism in Buddhism is the gay buddhist portal for one of the largest buddhist sites on the net: designed, created and maintained by Don Ross since 1997. [Site Map]
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  • Tayu Meditation Center was founded by a triune of gay men. This is a nice interfaith approach to spirituality. They have a bookstore in Sebastopol and a meditation center outside town for meditation, chanting, satsang.
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  • -- join Dharmajim's Buddhist Sutra Salon for buddhist study and practice sessions. Or the Alea Meditation is a sonic (sound) meditation using flutes and other air instruments. No musical ability required to join this lovely meditation. Sebastopol schedule.
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  • is an openly gay sufi doctor of osteopathic medicine who specializes in HIV and welcomes transgendered people. He also teaches Hatha Yoga and therapeutic exercise in Sebastopol.
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  • for those living near Santa Rosa.

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